Oaktree Farm Care

bullet imagebullet imageWe've been taking care of our oaktree farm for almost 45 years now so we have a fairly good idea of what we're doing. If you have any questions or simply would like to drop when (assuming you're in the Calgary area), get in touch.

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From Scratch

This farm was designed and built from scratch on 1100 acres of open prairie land back in 1971. Our grandfather didn't have much at the time, but he saved every loony he could until his dream of owning this oak farm became a reality for his family.

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Humble Beginnings

A lot of greatness started out with humble beginnings. This great farm was no exception. Back when our grand dad started it they did not have the fancy machinery we have today, but he managed to make due and get the job done with the equipment he did have.


Eventual Success

As anyone working with tree farms would know, it takes years before you see your return on investment. This is especially true for oak farms. Through frugal care we're managed to not only keep the books balanced for 35 years now, but are fairly successful as well.